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Ceiling Fans

Turn your fans off when you’re not using them

In summer, a ceiling fan works by moving  air around the room from above and helps us to feel more comfortable by evaporating perspiration on the skin. The blades should spin with the upturned edges leading.

A ceiling fan is much more energy efficient than Air Conditioning; however, remember to turn the ceiling fan off when you leave the room as there is no cooling benefit from leaving the fan running whilst no one is there.

A ceiling fan can keep you warmer in winter

As you know, Heat Rises. So in Winter time a ceiling fan can be reversed and  can keep you warmer by pushing the warm air down from the ceiling (and also by pulling the cool air off the floor). To reverse your ceiling fan, there is a summer/winter mode switch located on the fan unit itself. When activated the blades should spin with the downturned edge leading.

Want a Decorative fan?

Fans come in different shapes and sizes. Electrical Excellence can supply fans, however if you have one in mind we will be more than happy to install it on your behalf.