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Rental Property Maintenance

We pride ourselves on being maintenance contractors for many real estate agencies in the area. We know how difficult it is for property managers and owners to find  reliable tradesmen.


Electrical Excellence will deliver efficient and stress free services to all parties.

 The New Rental Property Checklist

  • Smoke Alarm Compliance- Legislation states that all rental properties must have a smoke alarm compliance certificate within 30 days of a new tenancy agreement. Most landlord insurance companies will void your policy if there isn’t a valid certificate. A good agency will remind you to make sure this is done or organise to have this done on your behalf. More Information on Smoke Alarms.
  • Safety Switches- All Rental properties must be equipped with Safety Switches and be tested to comply.
  • General Wire Checkover- It is advisable that you get an electrician to check for any possible electrical safety issues.
  • Energy Tariffs- Even though you probably won’t be responsible for the electricity bill, you should check to see whether the tariffs are suitable for the new tenants moving in. For  example, is a large family moving out and only a small family moving in? While you are getting your Electrician to look over the items listed above it takes little extra time to sort the tariffs as well and the tenants will be grateful for this consideration.

Was your home apart of the Home Insulation Program?

On 3 February 2009 the Home Insulation Program was rolled out, providing many home owners with free insulation. The program was seized on 19 February 2010 due to rising concerns of safety and compliance. Unfortunately, this meant that many homes were left with poor quality insulation installs and the risk of fires escalated due to wiring being exposed to this material.

Don’t rent out your home without knowing if you are putting others at risk! Have Electrical Excellence make sure that your home is safe.